Best Airports in the World
According to CIA World Fact book there are more than 40,000 airports in the world. United States has the highest number of airports 13,500 and the second highest is Brazil followed by mexico.

We have listed just the top 10 best airpots in the world. They are listed according to their ranking, best one in rank 1 followed by the second best down to top 10, airport name, country of origin, airport code and the year they were founded or began their service.

2018 List of the World's Best Airports:
RANK AIRLINES COUNTRY Airline Code Founded / Service
1Changi AirportSingaporeSIN1 July 1981 / 29 Dec 1981
2Seoul-Incheon AirportIncheon, South KoreaICN29 March 2001
3Haneda AirportTokyo JapanHND1931
4Chek Lap Kok AirportHong KongHKG6 July 1998
5Hamad AirportDoha, QatarDOH30 April 2014
6Munich AirportMunich, GermanyMUCJuly 2003
7Chubu Centrair AirportNagoya, JapanNGO19_ _
8Heathrow AirportLondong, UKLHR1929
9Zurich AirportZurich, SwitzerlandZRH21 July 1921
10Frankfurt AirportFrankfurt, GermanyFRA19_ _

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